You have got everything right in your new home but the windows are yet to get the coverings. One of the significant home décor elements you cannot miss are curtains for windows. Whether you prefer solid shades, prints, or ornamental designs, there are plenty of things to keep in mind when selecting curtains for home.

Read the points below and understand the criteria for selecting curtains. 

  1. Picking the right fabric 

The fabric of the curtain is an important consideration, so you can choose from cotton, lace, satin, or heavy velvet. However, you need to know how much light your rooms should get during the day and also focus on the ambiance of the room from the point of view of décor. 

The heavy fabrics are suitable for conventionally-designed rooms while the modern or contemporary home look better in minimalistic rooms. The elevation from which each fabrics falls may differ, so make sure how you want the pleats to look after stitching. 

  1. Color of the curtains

When choosing the color of the curtains, you need to allow it to resonate with the furniture and the color of the walls. Typically, the drapes need to align with the furnishings and wall décor or stay in sharp contrast. 

  • If you want a soothing look inside the rooms with bold shades and dark-colored furniture, select drapes in pastel shades with subtle textures. 
  • To make the curtain walls the center point of the room; you need to pick the shades that contrast with the walls and furniture.
  • You might face a dilemma when choosing between solid colors or printed curtains.
  • The printed curtains add weight to the other décor elements of your home, so a better option is to combine solid shades with prints. 
  • When choosing prints, you can go for floral, geometric patterns, or stripes to match modern and conventional décor.
  • The soundproof curtains holds the sound back and are ideal for home-based offices. 
  1. Stitched or readymade curtains

One of the biggest questions you need to answer when choosing curtains is whether to go for stitched or readymade options. Here is what you need to know.

  • You can go for plenty of options of customization when ordering for stitching the curtains in the length, fabric and pleats.
  • With tailored curtains, you can get the lining, drape, and accessories you prefer.
  • Usually, the stitched curtains are slightly more expensive than the readymade options but they are more appropriate as far as measurement and elevation is concerned.
  • The readymade curtains are available in various sizes and all you need is pick them up from the store or order them online.
  • Usually the readymade drapes are more affordable except for the exclusive fabrics. 
  1. Width and length

What is the length you desire? While the focus is on curtains that touch the floor level from the top, you may have more dramatic ideas in mind. If you have kids, the drapes need to stay a few inches above the floor. Another timeless option to choose is curtains that end at the sill that are perfect for small-sized windows. 

When it comes to picking the ideal width of the curtains, you need to consider the width of the window pane or molding. Be sure that the excess fabric collects on the sides when you draw back the curtains. You can pick soundproof curtains in varying length and width. 

  1. Lining or not 

If the curtain hangs on a widow that receives adequate sunlight, you may consider attaching a lining. The protective lining prevents the color from fading easily and blocks the brightness to a great extent. On the other hand, the rooms where sunlight is scarce may require light fabrics allowing them to look better and brighter. 

  1. Maintenance of the fabrics

There are numerous choices you can make when selecting curtain fabrics, but the effort of maintenance may be the deciding factor in this case. Typically, you need to wash the curtains within every three to six months. Therefore, picking the low-maintenance fabric is a better option as you may require less cleaning hassles. Furthermore, the low-maintenance fabrics are great for households with kids.

When deciding the décor of the room, you need to factor in the curtains as they are an important addition. If you want to achieve harmony with home décor, choosing a suitable set of curtains is necessary to do up your home. 


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