Plant Based Protein vs Meat Based Protein – Which is Superior for Building Muscle and Recovery?

For my clients, getting the right source, and the proper amount of protein is a top priority for optimal performance, building muscle, and faster recovery.

However, it can be tricky to navigate the varying terrain of dietary regimes, such as strictly plant-based diets with vegetarians or vegans.

This video breaks down my analysis of which source is best, and why. I also provide my tips and suggestions for sources of different kinds of protein for everyone, depending on whether you eat meat or not.

Watch this video to learn about:

✔ The key role of essential amino acids and leucine as the building blocks of protein
✔ Why meat is king as a protein source for building muscle and overall function and repair of our bodies
✔ Considerations for vegetarian and vegan diets for protein alternatives
✔ The rating of which plant-based protein is best: soy, whey or caseine
✔ My top 3 tips getting enough protein to build muscle for plant-based diets

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Everyone’s situation will be unique and a customized nutrition plan with a Sports Dietitian is the best approach for ensuring you’re not protein deficient!

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