My Top Tips for Getting in More Quality Food

Getting organized and learning a few strategies for healthier eating is a key area I help my clients with.

If you’re relying on vending machines or fast-food outlets a bit too often, then it’s time to get savvy about how you can get better organized and make healthy, quality food a priority.

As a mom and business owner, I’m as busy as anyone can get, and if I can do it, you can too!

In this video, I discuss how to:

✔ Make a weekly dinner plan with a calendar
✔ Create your shopping list from the weekly meal plan
✔ Plan ahead the day before for the next day to prepare
✔ Make use of a local meal-prep service
✔ Discern the difference between low and high quality food

Watch the video for my tips on all of these points!

[embedded content]

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