Improving Your Posture for Better Performance

Your posture matters much more than you might realize when it comes to improving athletic performance and avoiding injury.

Healthy posture is important especially for weight-lifting and running. Why?

It enables you to be a stronger runner because properly engaged glutes will push your farther and faster, and allows you to lift more weight without injuring yourself.

Athletics aside, it’s wise for anyone to maintain healthy posture, and in this video, I demonstrate good posture, and poor posture examples for the following activities:

  1. Posture for Standing – learn how to stack your shoulders, hips and ankles to properly align in one straight line, how to engage your core and glutes for stability, and how not to stand.
  2. Posture for Weight-lifting or Squats – watch how you should hold a braced posture, and where to hold your knees, hips core and shoulders (hint: you won’t get knocked over!)
  3. Posture for Running – see the best way to avoid injury and move faster

[embedded content]

With these tips, my hope is you’ll be more mindful of your posture and realize the difference it will make to helping you achieve your optimal performance!

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