Eating for Fat Loss: the Do’s and Do Not’s

Think starving yourself to lose weight is the best approach?

If you’re drastically reducing calories and view food as the enemy for your waistline, this video will help you see things differently, and view food as your weight loss ally!

Although there is no magic bullet, eating for fat loss is simpler than many people think. Watch this video to learn more about these 3 key components:

  1. Don’t under-eat. The diet industry encourages low calories and fasting, but that causes your metabolism to reset and drop. Eating to fuel your activity level is key.
  2. Listen to your hunger and fullness queues. Don’t ignore your body’s signal that it needs fuel, and then eat to the level of feeling satisfied – not stuffed. Tip: you don’t need to always finish your plate! Pack it up for left-overs.
  3. Ensure you’re eating a balanced diet. In the video, I explain the ideal measurements at each meal for vegetables, whole-grain, protein and fat. This is the number-one thing you can do!

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With a customized approach, the formula for success I help my clients with is:
a) don’t starve yourself, b) eat mindfully c) balance your plate.

However, everyone’s needs are different and require a plan based on their lifestyle, activity level and individual circumstances.

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